America's Cup 2013: Challengers
Official Order of Entry

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Challengers for the 2013 America's Cup in Order of Entry
Challenger of Record Succession

April 6, 2011 (Last Updated Dec 11, 2011)


Below is the official order of entry for the Challenger candidates for the 2013 America's Cup, with dates of submittal and official acceptance.

Country Yacht Club Team   Submitted   Accepted
ITA Club Nautico di Roma (COR) Mascalzone Latino   Feb 14, 2010   Feb 14, 2010
SWE Kungliga Svenska Segel Sällskapet Artemis Racing   Nov 1, 2010   Nov 1, 2010
NZL Royal New Zealand YS Emirates Team New Zealand   Nov 1, 2010   Nov 3, 2010
FRA Aleph YC Aleph-Equipe de France   Dec 3, 2010   Dec 9, 2010
AUS Multihull YC Queensland Team Australia   Dec 21, 2010   Jan 11, 2011
FRA YC de France Energy Team/ESM*   Jan 28, 2011   Feb 3, 2011
 ? tba Unknown tba   Feb 10, 2011   Feb 15, 2011
CHN Mei Fan YC China Team   Feb 27, 2011   Mar 22, 2011
KOR Sail Korea YC Sail Korea Challenge   Feb 20, 2011   Mar 23, 2011
 ? tba Unknown tba   Mar 27, 2011   Mar 29, 2011
ITA Club Canottieri Roggero di Laura Venezia Challenge   Mar 29, 2011   Mar 30, 2011
? tba Unknown tba   Mar 29, 2011   Mar 30, 2011
ITA Circolo della Vela Sicilia Luna Rossa   Oct 2011   Nov 2011

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All of the teams above except Luna Rossa met the initial March 31, 2011, deadline for entry.  Luna Rossa was permitted as a late entry. 

Team Australia, Venezia Challenge, and the undisclosed teams failed to meet subsequent requirements, generally understood to be primary financial issues.

Why Does the Order of Entry Matter?
The official order of entry is only relevant in the respect that it establishes the succession process for the title of Challenger of Record (COR). 

If the current team acting as COR is eliminated from competition in the normal course of racing during the challenger selection series, the official duties of the COR fall to the next challenger (in order of acceptance) who is still competing.  This process continues as teams are eliminated until finally the Louis Vuitton Cup winner becomes  the ultimate Challenger of Record and faces the Defender in the America's Cup Match.

Also, in the event an acting Challenger of Record withdraws their challenge, the next challenger in line would become the Challenger of Record.  See the 2013 America's Cup Protocol, Article 6.4, for details (excerpted below).  The official order of entry also helps determine priority for receiving the team's AC45 yacht.

Club Nautico di Roma/Mascalzone Latino resigned on May 12, 2011, and the KSSS represented by Artemis Racing became the COR.  A resignation by the COR is unusual, but not unprecedented.  KSSS/Artemis Racing lost in the Louis Vuitton Cup Semi-Finals, and on August 10, 2013, Royal New Zealand YS became the COR.

*"Company ESM" appears to be the official legal entity, while the YC de France challenge generally is called "Energy Team"

For reference, here is Article 6 of the Protocol for the 34th Defense of the America's Cup, governing succession of the role of Challenger of Record.  (CNR refers to Club Nautico di Roma):

6.  Challenger Of Record

6.1 CNR, having submitted the first valid notice of challenge to GGYC, is appointed as the Challenger of Record.

6.2 CNR or any subsequent Challenger of Record shall give 90 days notice of an intention to withdraw its challenge (unless GGYC has accepted at least one other Challenger, whereupon the provisions of Article 6.4 shall apply).  During the 90-day notice period the challenge of the Challenger of Record shall remain valid unless waived by GGYC.  Any withdrawal of challenge shall be deemed to be a 90-day notice of withdrawal of challenge.

6.3 If the Challenger of Record is eliminated from the America’s Cup Challenger Series, Article 6.4 shall apply.

6.4 The next Challenger of Record shall be the Challenger who is still a Competitor and was accepted first in time after the previous Challenger of Record.  At the close of the entry period, the Regatta Director shall publish a list of Challengers and the dates on which they were accepted, and thereafter update the list if any late Challengers are accepted.

Official Documents - Original Files:
Regatta Notice 17 (pdf) - April 6, 2011

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