2017 America's Cup Match
Standings and Results: Bermuda, June 2017

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The 35th Defense of the America's Cup

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Match for the America's Cup  - Begins June 17

Nominally a Best of 13 Series, the match is more accurately a First-to-Seven-Points contest. In addition, the winner of the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Qualifiers gets a one point advantage to begin the match.  Oracle Team USA, the Defender, won the Qualifiers. As a result, Emirates Team New Zealand, the Challenger, begins the America's Cup Match with a score of negative one (-1).

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*Races 8-14 will be sailed as necessary to decide the Match.

The schedule for Monday, June 27, and onward is officially listed by race organizers as To Be Confirmed (TBC).

DNS = Did Not Start      DNF = Did Not Finish

Notes on scoring:

In a strict sense, under the Racing Rules of Sailing for the America's Cup (RRSAC), boats with a DNS or DNF outcome prompt the umpires to rule the boat as disqualified (DSQ), for not being able to complete the course properly.  On this page, DNS and DNF where applicable are being used because the abbreviations are more descriptive, but officially DSQ is proper.

Some Questions and Answers:

What's the minimum number of Races in the 2017 America's Cup Match?

If the defender were to sweep, only seven races would be needed.

What's the minimum number of races for Emirates Team New Zealand to win the Match?

The challenger needs to win eight races to earn a total of seven points and win the Match. This is because of the points advantage awarded in the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Qualifiers, as explained above.

What's the maximum number of races in the 2017 America's Cup Match?

Up to 14 races could be necessary to decide the Match.  Also, a team can be deducted points as punishment for certain rules infractions, if the violation is serious enough. In that unlikely, but not impossible, case additional races might be required.

What the earliest date or latest date for the America's Cup Match to end?

The answer to this question is complicated by the fact that Race Organizers, in the person of the ACRM Commercial Commissioner, have the option to alter the schedule if a team is close to winning.  The first two weekends have a program of two races per day.  In the scenario that on any upcoming racing day where one of the teams could win the Match with a third race of the day, the Commercial Commissioner may choose to add that third race to the schedule.  This decision has to be communicated to the teams on the evening in advance of the racing.

The earliest date for the Defender to win would be Sunday, June 25th, if the Defender won all races and ACRM did not use the "third race option" described above. The Defender could win their 7th race on Saturday, June 24th, if the third race were added to that day's schedule.

The earliest date for the Challenger to win the Match would be Sunday, June 25th, if the Challenger won all races.

The latest date for a 14 race series, assuming no races or race days are lost to weather conditions, and also assuming that Monday, June 26th, is changed from two to three races, would be Tuesday, June 27.  Please note this date is hypothetical and based on many uncertainties. Don't make any plans based on this analysis.

How late can the America's Cup Match run?

There is no limit in the agreed rules on a date for the Match to end.  It will continue until a winner is decided.  There also is no tie break or other provision to end the Match early.  The America's Cup Match goes to the first team to have a total of seven points.

As a practical matter, if the Match is not decided by Monday, June 26, look for race organizers to switch into a "Race Maximization Mode" and schedule as many races as possible without taking days off, weather permitting, until there is a winner.  There are likely several logistical complications for teams and event staff in the event the Match were to be delayed past the end of June.  Hurricane season is not a major consideration, though, with only 3 June storms and 3 early July storms on record for Bermuda.

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