America's Cup World Series:
Naples, Italy, 2013 Regatta Schedule

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America's Cup World Series Naples Schedule (2013)

Last updated April 8, 2013

Day Time Event Race Duration
Sat April 13 11:00 am Village Opens
12:00 pm Trofeo Grande Vela Velalonga Regatta
8:00 pm Opening Ceremony
Sun April 14 11:30 am Trofeo Grande Vela Coast Parade
Mon April 15 AC45 Team Training
Tue April 16 AC45 Team Training
Wed April 17 AC45 Team Training
2:00 pm Practice Racing
4:00 pm Dock-in Show
4:30 pm Meet the America's Cup Skippers
Thur. April 18 1:45 pm Match Race Qualifier Match for Seeds 8/9 13 min.
  2:05 pm Match Race Quarter-Finals 1 & 2 Match for Seeds 4/5, 3/6 Two Matches, 13 min. each  
2:50 pm Fleet Racing Fleet Races 1 and 2 25 min. each
Fri. April 19

2:05 pm

Match Racing Championship
Quarter-Finals 3 & 4
Matches for Seeds 2/7, and Seed 1/Q1 Winner Two Matches,
13 min. each
2:50 pm Fleet Racing Fleet Races 3 and 4 25 min. each
Sat. April 20 2:05 pm Match Racing Championship
Two Match Races 13 min. each  
2:50 pm Fleet Racing Fleet Races 5 and 6 25 min. each
Sun. April 21 2:40 pm Naples Match Racing Championship
One Match Race 20 min.  
3:15 pm Fleet Racing Fleet Race 7 30 min.

Daily Events:


Naples Daily Race Schedule



Match Race Championship Brackets starting with the Thursday Qualifier and Quarter-Final matches are based on seeding from previous racing.  All matches in Naples including the Final are single-elimination.

Match Racing Championship:
See Results Page for Match Race results and updated brackets.

Fleet Race Championship:
Scoring from fleet races 1 through 7 counts toward the final standings.  All Races except the Final are weighted evenly.  Points in the final Sunday race will be weighted up to 3.3x (for the Sunday winner) in calculating the Naples Fleet Race Champion.  See Results page for details.

Important Note:
Start times, race durations, course locations, and other details are subject to change at the discretion of Race Management.

Match Race Format:

Naples Match Race Format and Brackets
See Match Racing Results

The format for Naples 2013 is similar to that of San Francisco in August and October 2012, though with a simplified qualifying round due to a smaller number of teams.   In Naples, HS Racing is added as a new ACWS team, Team Korea has withdrawn, and Oracle Team USA and Artemis are entering one ACWS team instead of two.  Luna Rossa Piranha is entering two teams for this regatta.


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