America's Cup World Series 2011-2012:
San Francisco October Regatta Schedule

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America's Cup World Series San Francisco October Schedule

Last updated October 4, 2012

Regatta Schedule subject to change without notice:
The America's Village at Little Marina Green opens at 10:00am each day.

Day   Time Program Race Duration
Tues Oct 2   Practice Racing  
Wed Oct 3 4:05 pm Match Races - Qualifiers (7 races) 13 min. each
Thu Oct 4 11:30
12:25 pm
1:00 pm
4:00 pm
5:15 pm
Team Yachts "Sail-by" Crowd
Match Race Quarter-Finals 1 and 2;
Blue Angels Arrive
Blue Angels Practice
Fleet Races 1 and 2

13 min. each;

25 min. each
Fri Oct 5 3:00 pm
4:05 pm
4:50 pm
Blue Angels Perform
Match Race Quarter-Finals 3 and 4;
Fleet Races 3 and 4

13 min. each;
25 min. each
Sat Oct 6 11:00 am
3:00 pm
4:05 pm
4:50 pm
6:10 pm
Parade of Ships
Blue Angels Perform
Match Race Semi-Finals (1 race each);
Fleet Races 5 and 6;
Match Race Final (1 Race)

13 min. each;
25 min. each;
15 min.
Sun Oct 7 1:55 pm
3:00 pm
Final Fleet Race 7
Blue Angels Perform
30 min

The times for the races are arranged around the schedule for Fleet Week, which includes ship parades and aerial demonstrations from the US Navy's Blue Angels and other performers Thursday (practice), Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  See Fleet Week/Airshow Daily Schedule

Regatta Schedule:

The Final Fleet Race on Sunday will be broadcast live in the US on NBC.

Important Note:
Start times, durations, course locations, race sequence, and other details are subject to change at any time without notice at the discretion of Race Management.


Match Race Format

Matches for this regatta are one race per match.

The format for the match racing has been adjusted since August.  The early Qualifying Round now gives the low seeds a second chance, known as a repechage round. Additionally, changing each match to a single race instead of best-of-three allows greater certainty of schedule for the organizers and teams.  The Final Match Race has been moved to Saturday instead of Sunday just for the October ACWS to accommodate the logistics of sharing the water with the safety zone required for the airshow portion of Fleet Week.

The basic structure of a Qualifying Round followed by straight QF, SF, and Final bracket is consistent over the last few ACWS events.  Most of the the recent changes to the format have involved the qualifying process.  For this event, all matches will be a single race, but the qualifying round is not single-elimination.

From CupExperience: "Three teams are seeded into the quarterfinals: Coutts, Spithill (both Oracle boats) and Hutchinson (Artemis White). The other eight teams fight for the remaining five quarterfinal slots in qualifying races on Wednesday. Two quarterfinals on Thursday, two on Friday.  Both semi-finals and finals on Saturday. All quarterfinals, semifinals and finals are one race, single elimination.  Note that on Saturday, the semifinals are before the two fleet races and the finals are after the fleet racing."

Newport last June used an initial fleet race to seed the bracket, and Venice used two seeding fleet races.  The August ACWS in San Francisco dropped that and seeded the teams according to Match Race Standings as does this event.

The schedule, start times, durations, course locations, race sequence, and other details are subject to change at any time without notice at the discretion of Race Management.


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Official Documents:
October Format  (September 18, 2012): Schedule for October ACWS in San Francisco (pdf, 62K)
2012-13 ACWS Format and Scoring (July 17, 2012): General Format for 2012-2013 ACWS (pdf, 2.2MB)

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