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America's Cup 2017:
SDYC's John Laun: What Might Have Been: San Diego's 2017 America's Cup Bid
Jan 2015


America's Cup History:
Multiple Challenges for the America's Cup began in 1970: A Brief History of the Challenger of Record
July 2014


America's Cup 2013:
Gino Morrelli
Foils that Shaped the America's Cup Part 2
September 2013


America's Cup 2013:
Pete Melvin
Foils that Shaped the America's Cup Part 1
September 2013


America's Cup 2013:
Talking with Nathan Outteridge:
Big Boats + Young Sailors = Huge Opportunities
August 2013


America's Cup 2013:
Optimizing AC72 Cats with Evolutionary Analysis
August 2013


America's Cup 2013:
Learning from Oracle Team USA's AC72 Capsize
November 2012

Photo:©2012 Guilain Grenier/Oracle Team USA  

America's Cup 2013:
Preparing for AC72 Capsizing:
Danger and Precautions
October 2013


At ACWS San Francisco:
Shore Crews Keep'em Racing:
Oracle Team USA's Andrew Henderson

October 2012

Photo:©2012 Guilain Grenier/Oracle Team USA  

Shifting Gears: Olympic Gold Medal Sailors Pivot to America's Cup Chase
August 2012

Photo:©2012 Daniel Forster/  

Chasing the Big Cats:
Chris Salthouse and ETNZ's new AC72 Tender
August 2012

Photo Copyright 2012 Chris Cameron/ETNZ  

Behind Closed Doors:
 Go Inside Pier 80 for Oracle Racing Media Day
 Feb 2012

Photo copyright 2012 GUILAIN GRENIER/Oracle Racing  
At ACWS San Diego:
ETNZ Skipper Dean Barker
November 2011
Photo copyright 2011 ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget  
At ACWS San Diego:
GreenComm’s Ed Wright
November 2011
Photo copyright 2011 ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget  
 At ACWS San Diego:
China Team’s Charlie Ogletree
November 2011
Photo copyright 2011 ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget  
Interview with Team Korea Skipper Chris Draper November 2011 Photo copyright 2011 ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget  
AC45 Tech: The Christmas Tree
November 2011
Photo copyright 2011 GUILAIN GRENIER/Oracle Racing  
Hosting the ACWS in San Diego: Bringing the Cats November 2011 Photo copyright 2011 Christy Radecic  
 ACWS Plymouth: ACRM's Iain Murray Interview
September 2011
Photo Copyright 2011 ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget  
RC44's in San Diego: Onboard Katusha
March 2011
Photo Copyright 201 Peter Howson  
RC44's in San Diego: Prelude to an AC45 Event?
Talking with John Laun
March 2011
Photo Copyright 2011 Gilles Martin-Raget/Oracle Racing  

Beasts You Don't See Every Day: Cheeko Matsusaka saw the RC44 Oracle Cup in Miami, and something more: On a Personal Note
March 2011

On a Personal Note: RC44 Oracle Cup In Miami. Photo: Copyright 2011 GillesMartin-Raget/Oracle Racing  

Wingsails and The 2013 America's Cup: Designer Pete Melvin explains: Part 1: The Multihull Decision
Part 2: Wingsails and the AC72 Class Rule

Jan 2011

Designer and sailor Pete Melvin of Melvin and Morelli Engineering and Design. Photo: Copyright 2011  

The DNA of America's Cup Class Yachts: Interview with Andrew Mason about his groundbreaking work of Genetic Optimization and what it means for 2013
Jan 2011

America's Cup Class yachts flying spinnakers in Louis Vuitton Act 13.  

Tom Ehman discusses the changes in store for the 2013 America's Cup in a presentation at California YC:
2013 America's Cup Update
Dec 2010

Oracle RAcing Extreme 40 Catamaran being tested in Valencia.  Photo: Copyright 2010 Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW Oracle Racing  

Stars&Stripes bowman looks at changes onboard the race yachts for the next America's Cup:
Geordie Shaver: Calling the Line
Dec 2010

Geordie Shaver at the RC44 Oracle Cup in Miami. Photo: Copyright 2010 Cheeko Matsusaka/CupInfo  

America's Cup Returns to Newport on BMW Oracle Racing Victory Tour:
Photo Gallery: Back Home Again in  Newport
June 2010


1995 America3 Reunion: The Women's Team
Photo Gallery: Reunion Sail in San Diego

June 10

America 3 Reunion - Photo: (c) 2010 Peter Howson  

Building Towards the Next America's Cup:
Talking with Mascalzone Skipper Gavin Brady
Apr 10

Mascalzone Latino Rouding the Mark.  

WSTA/Louis Vuitton Trophy Auckland
Azzurra Skipper Francesco Bruni
Mar 10


Jürg Kaufmann and Daniel Forster
Photographing the America's Cup

Feb 10

Classic Yacht in Black and White.  Photo:  

James Spithill Talks
At the helm of BMW Oracle's Giant Multi-Hull
Aug 09


Russell Coutts Talks
Sailing BMW Oracle's Giant Multi-Hull

Aug 09

Photo: ©2009 Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW Oracle Racing  

At the Congressional Cup:
America's Cup Sailors Look Ahead
Mar 09


Peter Holmberg and Ed Baird Compare
The Best Boats from America's Cup 32
Feb 09

Photo:©2009 Chris Cameron/ETNZ  

Stars&Stripes Veteran Peter Isler
Navigating for Britain's Team Origin
Feb 09

Photo:©2009 Ian Roman/Team Origin  

ETNZ's Kevin Hall
From the Cup to Dinghies and Back
Feb 09

Photo:©2009 Chris Cameron/ETNZ  

Visiting Challenger BMW Oracle Racing
Multihull Trials in San Diego
Nov 08

Photo: ©2009 Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW Oracle Racing  

Alinghi UBS Defender Trials in Dubai
CupInfo Visits the Defender
Feb 07


Cup Observer at the Allianz Cup
Perspective from Geordie Shaver
Oct 06


Mascalzone Helmsman
Quick Take from Cameron Dunn
Oct 06


Frenzied History: The War of Independance
Thomas Lawson, John D. Rockefeller, and the America's Cup
Jun 06


Alinghi Helmsman
Conversation with Ed Baird

Jun 06


Side-by-Side Comparison of Act 12 boats
Boat Comparison - Defender and Challengers
Jun 06


ACM's Marcus Hutchinson
CupInfo Interviews Marcus Hutchinson
Jun 06


Alinghi Across America
Road Works: Alinghi Show
Dec 05


BMW Oracle Racing In Long Beach
Road Works: BMW Oracle Drops By
Nov 05


Umpire John Standley
As They See It
Oct  05


Tom Weaver of Mascalzone Latino - Capitalia Team
Talking to the Rascals
Sept 05


Host city of Acts 6 and 7
Focus on Malmo-Skane, Sweden
Aug 05


 South Africa's Shosholoza
Interview with Geoff Meek and Paul Standbridge
Feb 05


Chatting with Alinghi's Christian Karcher
Jun 04


Interview with Alinghi's Peter Holmberg
May 04


Interview with Sausalito Challenge's John Sweeney
Apr 04


J-Class Revisited: Design Competition
J-Class History
Mar 04


Make Your Point
CupInfo compares the ACC bows of 2003 in photos, drawings, and text. 
Nov 03


Looking at Lisbon
 Our Man in Portugal checks in with a look at the defense venue finalist. 
Nov 03

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