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2017 America's Cup Hall of Fame Class Announced

John Marshall, Doug Peterson, and Syd Fischer have been named as inductees to the America's Cup Hall of Fame.

John Marshall, sailor and designer who won the America's Cup on Freedom (1980) and Stars and Stripes (1987 and 1988)

Doug Peterson, designer, winner of the America's Cup on America3 (1992) and Team New Zealand's Black Magic (1995)

Syd Fischer, five-time sponsor of Australian America's Cup entries from 1983 to 2000, helping to launch the careers of young sailors including Iain Murray (on Advance in 1983); Jimmy Spithill (on Young Australia in 2000); and Hugh Treharne, who would help win the America's Cup in 1983 onboard Australia II.

The three will be inducted in a ceremony and reception in San Diego next October.

Read America's Cup Hall of Fame Press Release


More America's Cup News:

Feb 28: Emirates Team New Zealand "Not Over" 2013 loss, seeks victory in 2017:
NY Times

Jan 31: Bob Grieser, noted America's Cup photographer, dies at age of 70:
Scuttlebutt Sailing

Dec 26: Analyzing America's Cup wingsails, technical article at:
The Marine Executive

Images: America's Cup Photographers

Editor's Choice: A Yacht Race and More in Miami

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Daily Regatta Calendar for America's Cup 2017 in Bemuda: Download Print Friendly Schedule
Going to Bermuda? Tickets for the 2017 America's Cup Match, Qualifiers, and Playoffs on sale: Official Site
At CupInfo 857 Books about the America's Cup: See America's Cup Bibliography

1970 America's Cup Winner Bill Ficker Dies at Age 89

(Mar 15) Bill Ficker, Skipper of the 1970 America's Cup defender Intrepid, died Monday in Newport, CA, at the age of 89. A member of the America's Cup Hall of Fame, Ficker also belongs to the even smaller fraternity of skippers who have successfully defended the Cup with (what many believed to be) a slower boat than the opponent, Gretel II.  Ficker was also lined up to skipper a defender candidate in the following America's Cup cycle, but had to give in to professional commitments as the date slipped from 1973 to 1974. An accomplished sailor in Star class since his teens, Ficker was dedicated to developing other young sailors throughout his life.

Eight Bells at Scuttlebutt Sailing
The Log: Ficker Honored by Newport Sea Scouts (2012)
America's Cup Hall of Fame: Bill Ficker

5 of 6 Teams Agree on Plans for America's Cup Matches in 2019 and 2021

(Jan 25) Challenger teams from France, Sweden, Japan, England and the Defender, Golden Gate YC announced today that they have reached a broad ranging agreement on the format and timing of America's Cup racing for four years following the match scheduled for next June. The agreement establishes the yachts that will be used, the format of racing in the period between defenses, and sets restrictions intended to reduce costs and entice more entrants for future regattas. Today's agreement extends an earlier understanding to continue using foiling multihulls. One current challenger, Emirates Team New Zealand has not formally signed on.

Among the highlights:

  • The next America's Cup Match, AC36, will be held in 2019, and the following, AC37, in 2021. Locations for AC36 will be determined by the winner of the Cup next June.

  • The AC45F yachts currently sailed in the ACWS will be used for 2018 ACWS racing, then retired and replaced by the ACC foiling cat class that debuts in challenger selection and the America's Cup this May and June.

  • Training on surrogate AC45F boats won't be permitted, with a cost target for future teams of US$30-40 million.

Read ACEA Press Release

Paul Elvstrom, Legendary Sailor, 1928-2016

(Dec 9) Danish sailor Paul Elvstrom, a leader in the sport of sailboat racing for generations, died December 7 at the age of 88.  A four-time Olympic Gold Medalist (once in the Firefly and three times in the Finn) and 13-time World Champion, "The Great Dane" developed faster sailing techniques, invented new yacht hardware, designed better sails, and wrote popular books on racing. One of his greatest influences, though, may have been the example he set for the sport, a defining intensity, both mentally and physically.

Elvstrom's connection to the America's Cup was tenuous, primarily an ill-fated arrangement in which the Dane was to lead a French challenge effort under Baron Bich for the 1974 America's Cup. They parted ways before ever starting a race.

Read more at at NY Times

Harvey Schiller Resigns as America's Cup Commercial Commissioner

(Aug 22) Dr. Harvey Schiller, who has served as the Commercial Commissioner for the America's Cup, handling many areas of responsibility that are not directly racing related, will step down from the position at the end of this month, the Associated Press reports. The departure is said to be Schiller's decision.

Read AP story by Bernie Wilson

Bertarelli and Dunraven to Join America's Cup Hall of Fame for 2016

(July 19) Ernesto Bertarelli, patron of Switzerland's Alinghi team, and Britain's Lord Dunraven will be the Class of 2016 inductees to the America's Cup Hall of Fame, the organization announced Tuesday.

Bertarelli's team won the America's Cup in his first campaign, the only challenger ever to do so, beating Team New Zealand.  Bertarelli then defended the Cup successfully in 2007, again defeating Team New Zealand, before losing to the Golden Gate YC/BMW Oracle trimaran effort in 2010.

Windham Thomas Wyndham-Quin, holding the title of Lord Dunraven, challenged in 1893 with Valkyrie II, losing to  Vigilant, and challenged again in 1895 with Valkyrie III, losing to the yacht Defender.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place this fall, October 21, at the New York YC.


New America's Cup Boats Launched

Long awaited, with the approach of competition beginning this May, the five America's Cup challengers and the Defender have begun launching their new America's Cup Class catamarans.

A number of restrictions apply: The challengers are allowed to build one boat while the defender is allowed to build two. The window for launching the boats began in late December, by rule 150 days before racing, though the teams also have to observe a 28-day 'no sail" period on dates of their individual choice. Additionally, the teams may not sail against each other in a "coordinated manner" without special permission from race management.

America's Cup Class multihull launchings:
Land Rover BAR (GBR): Launch
SoftBank Team Japan (JPN)
Groupama Team France (FRA): Pics at Twitter
Artemis Racing (SWE) Launch and First Sail
Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL):
via NZ Herald: Launch | Pedals
Oracle Team USA Launch and First Sail

A Brief History of the Challenger of Record

(July 28) Since 1970 there have been 13 matches with multiple challengers, with 12 teams serving as the initial Challenger of Record (COR).  Historically, one-third of the original COR's have resigned their position.  Including the upcoming 35th Defense of the America's Cup scheduled for 2017, the initial COR has resigned four times; three times also withdrawing from competition, and one time remaining a challenger. 

Read more at CupInfo, including a table listing all CORs since 1970

©2013 McGraw-Hill/International Marine/Photo ©2013 Gilles Martin-Raget

(Dec 15) The story of sailing for the 2013 America's Cup is told in a new 224-page book, from McGraw-Hill/International Marine. Winging It focuses on the sailing and racing of the 34th America's Cup, including selecting the AC72 yachts for the event, the races of the Louis Vuitton Cup, and the epic America's Cup Final that featured a stunning comeback and gut-wrenching loss.  Authors Diane Swintal and Robert Kamins covered the event in San Francisco for CupInfo, and Steve Tsuchiya witnessed the match on the water from start to finish.

2013 America's Cup Highlights on CupInfo:

ETNZ/Oracle Team USA statistics for Boatspeed, VMG, Leads, Gains, Winds, Speed Maps, and more.
 Updated through Race 18: See CupStats
Also: Daily Race Coverage | Race Results

America's Cup 2013: 34th Defense: The Basics
Rules: A Basic Guide to America's Cup 2013 Rules

The Boats:
AC72 & AC45 Cats | New AC72's Launched
Track AC72 Sailing Days | Wind Limits: Some History
Foils that Re-Shaped the America's Cup:
Part 1: Pete Melvin | Part 2: Gino Morrelli
Optimizing America's Cup Cats: Andrew Mason

America's Cup Match 2013

Larry Ellison and Dean Barker as the two teams shake hands following the Match.  Ellison, Spithill, and Oracle crew had the highest praise for the skill and toughness of their opponent.  Photo:©2013 ACEA/Ricardo Pinto.

From Stuart Alexander at The Independent: "There have been several races going on.  One was on the San Francisco Bay track.  One was in the design offices. The third is the management game, without which no America’s Cup team will be successful. Both teams were in the lead in all three at one time or another but the Americans were in the lead when it mattered, at the finish." Read More

More Post-Match Stories:
Oracle Completes Voyage to History: NY Times

"Team New Zealand Have Made Us Proud": NZ Herald

"Team New Zealand did such a bloody good job that I'm sure the whole world feels for them": Reuters

How Oracle Did It: Wall Street Journal

A Gripping Spectacle: Reuters

A Big Win: Kimball Livingston

Bob Fisher "Let It Be": Yachts&Yachting

SFGate: Host Again? | Thousands Line Waterfront

ETNZ's Future: Washington Post

At the Golden Gate YC: NY Times

Quotes of the Final Day:
Ray Davies
, Tactician, ETNZ: "They had to sail well to beat us today, and they did. ...We feel like it’s been a tough regatta.  We were going well.  We were getting all we could out of the boat.  We had it optimized at the beginning of the regatta.  We couldn’t do much more with it, we were really happy with the boat and equipment we had.  The Oracle boys just found another couple of gears through the regatta.  Hats off to them, they did a fantastic job.  We’ve had incredible support network within the team.  The guys have really really worked hard the whole way through.  Everybody’s really proud to be part of the team and the effort that’s gone in."

Dean Barker, Skipper, Emirates Team New Zealand: "We went out there today to give it our absolute best shot, and we felt we didn’t leave anything on the table.  We got a good start, led around Mark 1, led at the bottom, and that’s all we could ask for.  We knew that upwind we had a fight on our hands.  When they are sailing a boat that’s going that fast, it’s very hard to swallow."

Dean Barker: "I am incredibly proud of our team and what we’ve achieved.  I’m gutted that we didn’t get the last win that we need to bring this cup back to New Zealand."

Matteo de Nora, Emirates Team New Zealand: "I've never been more proud to be part of this team, and I've never felt more Kiwi than I feel today."

Jimmy Spithill, Skipper, Oracle Team USA, about his competition ETNZ: “Man, they are a tough team, they are a champion team.”

Recommended Post-race press conferences with both teams on America's Cup YouTube Channel

America's Cup 2013 Complete Match Coverage, Race Reports, and Photos: See all on CupInfo's America's Cup Match Main Page or jump to content below

Race 18 Speed Map at CupStats Emirates Team New Zealand vs Oracle Team USA
Click image to view Race 18 Speed Maps at CupStats

Previous Races:
Races 1-2 (Day 1):
Race Reports and Preview | Post-Race and Quotes
Races 3-4 (Day 2):
Race Reports and Preview | Post-Race and Quotes and Photos: Chris Cameron/Gilles Martin-Raget
Race 5 (Day 3):
Race Report and Preview | Post-Race
and Day 3 Photos from Jan Pehrson

Sep 14: The #CupBattle nearly gets sideways. Click image to view large and see more photos.
Sep 14: The #CupBattle nearly gets sideways. Click image to view large and see more photos.
Photo:©2013 Chris Cameron/ETNZ

Races 6-7 (Day 4):
Race Report | Quotes of the Day
Race 8 (Day 5):
Race Report
Races 9-10 (Day 6):
Race Report | Quotes of the Day
Day 6 Photos from Chris Cameron
See Day 6 photos from Jan Pehrson

Day 6 (Races 9 and 10) Quotes:
Dean Barker
, Skipper, NZL: "I think if you didn’t enjoy today’s racing out there, you probably should watch another sport."

Ben Ainslie, Tactician, Oracle Team USA, on the final run downwind in Race 10: "We elected to go behind them and try to set up where we might be able to get a piece on starboard when they gybe back, and it’s really hard to judge that right when you’re going along at almost 40kts, but we didn’t do too bad of a job. But it wasn’t quite enough to get back into it."
Read more Day 6 quotes

Day 7 (Postponed):
Photos from Jan Pehrson

Day 13, ETNZ chasing. Click image to view large.
Photo:©2013 ACEA/Abner Kingman

Oracle had upwind speed on Day 14. Click image to view large. Photo:©2013 ACEA/Photo Ricardo Pinto
Oracle had upwind speed on Day 14. Click image to view large. Photo:©2013 ACEA/Photo Ricardo Pinto

Data and Analysis: Boatspeed, windspeed, True-Wind-Angles, SOG/VMG Polar Plots for both boats, leads/gains, and more: Visit CupStats at CupInfo

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34th America's Cup Challengers and Defender:
2013 America's Cup Teams

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Recommended: History of Team New Zealand's historic 1995 America's Cup win:
 Part 1 at NZ Herald

J-Class Foursome

Four J-Class in St. Barts. Photo:©2012 Billy Black
Click image to enlarge. Photo:©2012 Billy Black

Two of the original J-Class yachts, Endeavour and Velsheda, racing modern J's Hanuman and Ranger in the Bucket Regatta in St. Barths. Read More

Crash Time

Oracle Racing Capsizes their AC45 Catamaran
Click image to watch video at YouTube.

(June 13) Oracle Racing AC45 Spectacular Pitchpole in San Francisco Bay during exhibition race pre-start:
See Video at You Tube

Crew Shannon Falcone was injured, walking away but taken to the hospital by ambulance for X-rays of his ribs and further evaluation.  Russell Coutts, skippering #5, was thrown through a portion of the wing.  Thankfully, injuries to the crew were not more extensive.  Examination showed that Falcone dislocated rib cartilage, but did not break any bones.
Read more at Oracle Racing Blog
and see Photo Gallery

Update: Follow-up stories Tuesday:
Reconstructing events, repairing damage, and plenty of interviews...  See Oracle Racing Blog

What Happened?
Conditions were said to be 20-25 kts, with a building chop against an ebb tide. The video seems to show #5 sailing off the wind, heading up slightly, then quickly bearing away and easing the wing.  This maneuver loads up the bows while presenting a broader wing profile to the wind.  With the bows dug in, the wind sends the cat right down the mine, and there wasn't much the crew could do about it once the sequence started.  "We got caught in the pre-start at the wrong angle and paid the price," said Coutts.

This capsize seems to continue a pattern from testing in Auckland, where the AC45 is remarkably stable in many conditions that would cause problems for lesser cats, and the long wave-piercing bows can be very effective at maintaining buoyancy and avoiding this sort of incident, especially upwind.  But if the wingsail gets into an undesired orientation relative to the wind, forces can overwhelm the boat much more quickly than with a soft mainsail.  Somewhat inherent in a hard surface airfoil, it appears to be much harder to depower the wing on short notice when in trouble, as attempts to ease the wing above illustrate.

On the other hand, both increased experience and improved control techniques could lessen the risks, too. There is still a lot to learn about these boats, even for expert crews, justifying the plan to climb the learning curve early with the AC45's and build skills and understanding in preparation for the AC72's which launch less than 13 months from now.

J-Class Regatta in Newport

J-Class yacht Velsheda with bowman on spinnaker pole, Newport, RI. Photo copyright Daniel Forster
Walking on water in Newport. Click image for Day 4 gallery. Photo:©2011 Daniel Forster

Race Results:

W-L  Sail     Yacht


1 2 3 4 5
1  J K-7  Velsheda - - - - 1
4  J 5  Ranger 1 1 1 1 -

(Jun 15) Ranger, a replica of the 1937 America's Cup winner, and Velsheda, one of three original survivors, are racing head-to-head this week in Newport, RI, historic yachts in a setting to match.

Ranger took Race 1 by just one second on corrected time, won Race 2 by 27 seconds corrected, won Race 3, and won Race 4 by 3:19 corrected.  Velsheda won Race 5 by 2:00 corrected.  Racing finished Sunday June 19.  Each race starting at 1 pm, conditions permitting, and sailed in sight of spectators on shore.
See Photo Galleries from Daniel Forster

Visit Official Event Website

And be sure to see the Features Page for many more articles, interviews, history, and fun stuff for Cup Fans.

CupInfo Features:

Chasing the Big Cats

ETNZ Chase 1.  Photo:©2012 Chris Cameron/ETNZ
Photo:©2012 Chris Cameron/ETNZ

(Aug 21) A chase boat to support a 72-foot America's Cup wingsail multihull that can top 40 knots is a challenge in its own right.  Chris Salthouse of Emirates Team New Zealand explains how the Kiwis are tackling the problem: two hulls, four engines, and Chris's younger brother Greg...

Read more at CupInfo

Picturing the America's Cup

Stars&Stripes in Fremantle.
Photo:©1987 Daniel Forster/

Photographers Jürg Kaufmann and Daniel Forster have teamed up for the 33rd Defense.  CupInfo talked to them about what they've seen at the America's Cup over the years, plus how they approach the art and technique of sailing photography.

CupInfo: You have both been to many America’s Cups, Daniel going back to 1977. Which was your favorite as a photographer?

Daniel: My favorite one as a photographer was the 1987 Cup in Perth/Fremantle. Every day by 11:00 am the “Fremantle Doctor” arrived: 25-30 knots of wind with big waves and bright sunshine and the 12mJI yachts sailed, unlike here!

Read Interview at CupInfo

2010: Dogzilla Stories

Up on one hull, BMW Oracle Racing, 9/3/09.
Click image to enlarge and see more.
Photo: ©2008 Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW Oracle Racing

BMW Oracle's monster multihull won the 2010 America's Cup in an unforgettably bold display of technology, imagination, and adventure.

Read collected stories of her launch and preparation.

Read CupInfo's coverage of the 2010 America's Cup Match

Home Again in Newport

America's Cup Returns to the Bay. Click image to enlarge and see more photos. Photo: ©2010 Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW Oracle Racing

July 1, 2010: The America's Cup returned today to Newport, Rhode Island, the scene of America's Cup history for much of the famous regatta's life, including the 12 Defenses held there from 1930 to 1983, along with the construction and trials of Cup defending yachts stretching back to the 19th century.  A day filled with  public display of the trophy, a harbor cruise, and a Victory Luncheon culminated in a team presentation for over 400 young sailors from the Narragansett Bay community.  The celebration wrapped up the East Coast Victory Tour for the America's Cup-winners that also included a visit with President Obama.

See Photo Gallery and
Read BMW Oracle Press Release and
See Video at BMWO Blog

Read Report by Stuart Strueli at Sailing World and Providence Journal: America's Cup Trophy in Newport

Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri: "At the end of the day, Rhode Island is the Ocean State, Newport is the sailing capital and we've got to get that Cup so it just doesn't visit here."

Inquires please contact:     Last update: Wednesday May 03, 2017



Some of the features on CupInfo :

From the 2003-2007 America's Cup Cycle:
Schedule The basic Louis Vuitton Acts, the Louis Vuitton Cup, and the America's Cup: events, places, and dates.  Plus a detailed schedule including protocol deadlines in addition to background on the Louis Vuitton regatta plans and how they evolved. 

America's Cup Class Racing: Information about the UBS Trophy, the Moet Cup, the ACC worlds, plus other vintage and exhibition events that took place between America's Cup Defenses.

UBS Trophy Racing: Photo Gallery and Racing Recap.

CupLog, our chronology of news stories about America's Cup topics since racing ended in Auckland, with links where possible, 2003 through 2005.

Valencia:  Correspondent Félix García, covered some America's Cup related stories from the regatta's new Mediterranean home, providing a perspective on the event and the city that only a Valenciano can.

Shosholoza Interview
The 2004 season proved an inspiring start for the challenge. Despite being newcomers to America's Cup racing, Shosholoza showed great character in their matches with the established teams.  In 2005, CupInfo interviewed Paul Standbridge and Geoff Meek about the team’s inspiring past, very busy present, and ambitious future.
Read the Interview

Peter Holmberg Interview
CupInfo talks with the top match racer, former Team Dennis Conner and BMW Oracle sailor, brought in to add a key dimension to Alinghi.  Catching up with him at his home base in the Virgin Islands, he provided his perspective on the work and play of sailing, America's Cup and otherwise.  Read the Interview

J-Class Revisited
The great yachts of the 1930s (and, in some cases, the 21st century).
J-Class: History of the J-Class Yachts

Russell Coutts was fired by Alinghi in July 2004.  A sequence of news stories and quotes about the Coutts/Alinghi split: Read selected stories on the issue

Our earlier content remains on line for your reference, too, including the 2007 Challenger Details Page: All the specifics we knew about the various teams and hopefuls (and some of the guesses) in one place; "Make Your Point"  (a look at ACC bow design in the 2003 AC); and our Guide to the 2007 Host City Finalists


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Congratulations to Golden Gate YC and BMW Oracle Racing for Winning the 34th Defense of the America's Cup in September 2013!

The Next America's Cup:

Who: Golden Gate YC (GGYC) holds the America's Cup as trustee, and intends to defend it against multiple international challengers.  They have accepted a new Notice of Challenge from the Challenger of Record for the next America's Cup, Australia's Hamilton Island Yacht Club. More details about future plans are expected to be announced in the 2014.

When: Defense of the America's Cup in an upcoming year, 2017 being the current conventional wisdom to avoid conflict with the 2016 summer Olympics. The America's Cup Match will be preceded by multiple regattas most likely in additional locations, but no confirmation has been announced.

Where: Undecided.

Yachts: Undecided, though Larry Ellison said that the decision will first involve discussions with the potential challenger community.

Past:  2013: Basic Details of the Last America's Cup

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