America's Cup Teams: 2013
Challengers and Defender

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USA  2013 Defender   SWE Challenger Candidate   NZL 2013 Challenger  

ITA Challenger Candidate


©2012 Guilain Grenier/Oracle Team USA


©2012 Gilles Martin-Raget/ACEA




©2012 Gilles Martin-Raget/ACEA

Oracle Team USA

Artemis Racing

  Emirates Team New Zealand   Luna Rossa Challenge 2013
Golden Gate Yacht Club  

Royal Swedish Yacht Club

    Royal NZ Yacht Squadron     Circolo della Vela Sicilia
James Spithill
Paul Cayard
Dean Barker
Massimiliano "Max" Sirena
Team Principal:
Larry Ellison


Torben Törnqvist
  Team CEO:
Grant Dalton
  Team Principal:
Patrizio Bertelli

Photos(2):©2012 Guilain Grenier/Oracle Team USA


Photos:©2012 ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget (top), Sander van Der Borch/Artemis Racing (bottom)

  Photos(2):©2012 Gilles Martin-Raget/ACEA   Photos(2):©2012 Gilles Martin-Raget/ACEA
Oracle defeated the Swiss Alinghi Team 2-0 in 2010 to win the 33rd America's Cup Match.  The team was a challenger candidate twice previously, losing in the Louis Vuitton Cup Final in 2003, and in the LVC Semi-Final in 2007.
  Representing Kungliga Svenska Segel Sällskapet (Royal Swedish Yacht Club), this is the first America's Cup campaign for Artemis Racing, though their staff includes many Cup veterans as sailors and designers.
  Team New Zealand won the America's Cup in 1995 as a challenger, and defended it in 2000 before losing to the Swiss Alinghi in 2003.  ETNZ won the Louis Vuitton Cup in 2007, before losing 5-2, again to Alinghi, in the 32nd America's Cup Match.
  Luna Rossa won the Louis Vuitton Cup in 2000, before losing 0-5 to TNZ in the America's Cup Match.  Luna Rossa was a challenger candidate in 2003 and 2007 (losing 0-5 in the 2007 LVC Final against ETNZ).
Two AC72's:
Boat #1 launched Aug 30, 2012;
Boat #2 launched Apr 23, 2013.
  Two AC72's:
First sail boat #1 Nov 13, 2012;
Second boat July 22, 2013
  Two AC72's:
First boat launched July 21, 2012
Boat #2 launched Feb 4, 2013
  One AC72:
Single boat launched Oct 26, 2012
ACWS Entries: 2
Oracle Team USA Spithill
Oracle Team USA Coutts
  ACWS Entries: 2
Artemis Red
Artemis White
  ACWS Entries: 1
  ACWS Entries: 2
Luna Rossa Piranha
Luna Rossa Swordfish
Twitter: @ORACLERacing   Twitter: @ArtemisRacing   Twitter: @EmiratesTeamNZ   Twitter: @LR_Challenge
Web: Team Site and Fanhub   Web: Team Site (offline)   Web: Team Site (offline) and Blog   Web: Team Site (offline)

KOR World Series Competitor   CHN World Series Competitor   FRA World Series Competitor   GBR World Series Competitor
©2012 Jürg Kaufmann/
  ©2012 Jürg Kaufmann/   ©2012 Jürg Kaufmann/   ©2012 Gilles Martin-Raget/ACEA
Team Korea   China Team   Energy Team   Ben Ainslie Racing
Sail Korea YC   Mei Fan Yacht Club    Yacht Club de France   Royal Cornwall YC
Peter Burling
Fred Le Peutrec and Phil Robertson
Loïck Peyron
Ben Ainslie

Photo:©2012 Lloyd Image/BAR

Kim Dong-Young
Chaoyong Wang
  CEO: Bruno Peyron, left, with brother Loïck.  
Photos:©2012 Guilain Grenier/Oracle(top)
©2012 Gilles Martin-Raget/ACEA
©2012 Gilles Martin-Raget/ACEA
©2012 Gilles Martin-Raget/ACEA
Team Korea, also referred to as the White Tiger Challenge, was the country's first America's Cup team, the fourth confirmed official challenger candidate for the 2013 regatta.  Peter Burling was added as Skipper in September 2012.

Plans for one AC72 were announced, but though design and materials were said to be in hand, there was no construction reported underway.  In March 2013, the team confirmed they have withdrawn from 2013 America's Cup activities, including the ACWS.
  China Team was not announced as a paid-up Challenger at the August 1, 2012 deadline, but was still at ACWS San Francisco in August and October as an America's Cup World Series competitor.  China's first America's Cup entry was in 2007.   Energy Team was the first America's Cup challenge entry from the Peyron brothers, two of the most accomplished sailors in the world at building and racing large oceangoing multihulls. Energy announced August 1, 2012, that they would not be able to field a challenging yacht for 2013, but will remain in the America's Cup World Series with an eye on becoming a full challenger for the following Defense of the Cup.  Loïck will also join Artemis Racing for the 2013 America's Cup.   J.P. Morgan/Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) joined the ACWS circuit in San Francisco in August 2012, fresh off winning his fourth Olympic Gold Medal.  BAR is not a challenger for the 34th America's Cup in 2013, but hopes to secure sponsorship for the 35th Defense of the America's Cup.
ACWS Entries: 1 (withdrawn)   ACWS Entries: 1   ACWS Entries: 1   ACWS Entries: 1
Twitter: @acteamkorea   Twitter: @ChinaTeam1   Twitter: @energyteamFR   Twitter: @BARofficial
Web: Team Site (offline)   Web: Team Site (offline)   Web: Team Site (offline)   Web: Team Site (offline)

Note that the team sites for 2013 entries were hosted by, the official America's Cup site, as a requirement for the 2013 Protocol.  As of the start of 2014, the sites have been taken offline.

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